Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thank you for your continued support

One day I would like to look back on this horrific crime knowing a Mother's wish came true- that the senseless beating of her daughter's beloved cat was brought to justice, and one unforgivable act of malice and corruption was overshadowed by countless acts of compassion.

So far, I think we are headed in the right direction. The protest caught the attention of Channel 5 and the Worcester Telegram, which then spurred the interest of Channel 7! The story has also been posted on and Both sites will allow you to vote for more coverage so please do so! Additionally, countless supporters have spread the word to animal groups across the nation. I would also like to believe that many of our "friendly calls" to Holy Cross played a role in Foley's suspension as a security officer. But now it is important to still remind HC that news coverage will continue to spread like wildfire until he is permanently disarmed from harming anyone else.

Let's continue to keep the pressure on Foley, his unscrupulous lawyers, the WPD, and Holy Cross!

The happiest man is he who has no trace of malice in his soul.