Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Facts to date

  1. The Tuttle camp maintains that, after Lily scratched Mr. Foley June 14 while he was walking his dog, he returned to Dupuis Avenue June 19 and beat her to death with a stick while horrified children watched. He then began to walk home, but Ms. Tuttle acknowledged that she jumped in her car, caught up with him and hit him in the face.
  2. She has since hired a lawyer and plans to file a civil suit against Mr. Foley, who is the father of a Worcester police officer.
  3. On Wednesday, Mr. Foley was charged with one count of animal cruelty, which can carry a penalty of $2,500 or up to five years in prison.
  4. He was also put on paid administrative leave from the College of the Holy Cross, where he works as a public safety officer.
  5. Mr. Foley hired two of the city’s top criminal defense lawyers, Louis Aloise and Michael Wilcox, to represent him. And the lawyers wasted no time in painting their client as the victim and demanding that felony charges be filed against the feline’s owner. “He’s walking his dog in the neighborhood he lives in and he’s attacked by a cat,” said Mr. Wilcox. “He goes to defend himself with a walking stick and he hits the cat and the cat falls over dead. Mr. Aloise chimed in, claiming that his 63-year-old client will have to endure “a series of very painful rabies injections” because Lily had not been vaccinated, even though rabies cases are rare among pet cats and it was highly unlikely that Lily had the disease.
  6. The lawyers said they hand-delivered letters to the police chief and district attorney demanding that Ms. Tuttle be charged with assault and battery on a person over 60, and assault with a dangerous weapon, because they maintain that Ms. Tuttle tried to hit Mr. Foley with her car. On Friday, however, police said they’ve advised Mr. Foley to file his own complaint in court.


  1. Disgusting that a man could do such a thing.
    Such a baby, you deserve more than a few rabie shots. I would hope your family is very embarrassed by your cruelty.

  2. He's suing her?? She slapped him big deal. He murdered her cat in front of children..This guy is a joke..And he gets a PAID LEAVE from Holy Cross are you kidding me?

  3. She punched him and admitted it.

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  5. Foley is a coward and a murderer. He should receive the maximum fine and maximum jail time. His lawyers are sleaze who will say anything to get their money.

  6. I love how the blog administrator has removed the truth....

  7. wow, for those who claim cats do not carry rabies
    check out this article

    Officials believe 3 kittens were infected with rabies